X-SEA Offshore Load: Steel & Concrete Structure

X-SEA offshore load is waves, currents, wind,an earthquake any other naturally occurring phenomenon, or any combination of those phenomena. Morison equation is used for the calculation of wave load in offshore steel framed structure. The wave pressure (Sarpakaya)for large concrete offshore structures using the linear wave diffraction theory by MacCamy& Fuchs is available for the very big horizontal diameter to wave length of incident waves (D/L>0.2).

Sea State Parameter: Easy User-friendly AUTOCAD Input

A sea state is characterized by statistics, including the wave height, period, and power spectrum with respect to wind, waves and swell. The sea state varies with time, as the wind conditions or swell conditions change.

Wind Turbine Load: OpenFAST in Autocad

Window Ribbon Menu of OpenFAST

Structural Control of OpenFAST

Pre & Post Processor of OpenFAST(NREL, USA) is developed using both Autocad interface and X-SEA modules by XFINASIT. OpenFAST is working in X-SEA modules with the user-friendly graphic interface of interactive modeling.
OpenFAST with X-SEA gives very easy input of offshore geometrical model.
The unlimited multiple load cases of OpenFAST is automatically created and combined with X-SEA environmental load cases. Thus, the steel and concrete support structures for offshore and onshore can be analyzed and designed.

X-SEA General Load & Load Combinations

General loads

Load Combinations: table format

Click the load combination cases to combine the results of static wind, current, wave, buoyancy, response spectrum and others for offshore analysis.