Pile Soil Interaction Analysis (PSI) with nonlinear soil spring

The computer simulation of a pile foundation takes into account the pile stiffness and the lateral behavior of the soil.
The nonlinear behavior for pile soil interaction is considered based on the geotechnical data of P-Y, T-Z, and Q-Z curves for the analysis to obtain a rigorous solution of the pile-soil-structure interaction.
Iterative analysis is carried out by the PSI program until reaching the pile head displacement convergence. Thereafter, PSI extracts the final pile head loads and analyzes the pile.

Soil Properties Windows API 2A-WSD 2007

Windows dialog box of P-Y Curve for sand

Suction Bucket:
Soil Properties Window Jeanjean (2017)

X-SEA Pile Super Element

In order to save the computational time, Pile Super Element can be used for the dynamic
and fatigue analysis as support boundary condition.

Comparison of Stiffness Matrix