Additional Features

Verification of X-SEA

Verification of XFINAS

The XFINAS which is a general purpose software for construction enables a nonlinear dynamic structural analysis, taking into account of material and geometric nonlinearity.

XFINAS includes automatic analysis of bridge moving load, construction stage analysis of prestressed concrete bridge and dynamic analysis of railway bridge-train-track interaction.

Verification of X-SEA

X-SEA is an extended version of XFINAS for offshore structural analysis

Wave load by Airy, Stokes, Stream Function wave etc.
Reaction , Displacement, Member force
Dynamic analysis, SCF factor, Fatigue life
Soil-pile structure interaction
And other items

Autocad Pre/Post Processor: available in the middle of 2020

Analysis Options

Window Menu of Sea State

The new and innovative pre and postprocessor using Autocad will be available in 2020. In addition the Autocad interface will produce the report of X-SEA and 2D drawings of offshore wind turbine jacket structures.


X-SEA Software has been developed by the support from Korean Ministry of Industry, Trade and Energy.

Project Title Software for the analysis and design of fixed offshore structures
Korean participating institutions (1) MAPES Engineering (2) Konkuk University
(3) Korean Register (4) Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology

Main Target of the Project