Information of Commercial Version of X-SEA AutoCAD

Version Content
1.Fixed Offshore Version Linear static, Eigenvalue, Nonlinear static, Linear Dynamic, nonlinear Dynamic and Impact dynamic Analysis Linear Dynamics Analysis (Time Integration & Mode Superpostion, Frequency Domain) Nonlinear Dynamic Time History Analysis Large deformation elastoplastic analysis of frame, shell and solid elements Earthquake: Response spectrum analysis, Pushover analysis Environmental Load(wave,currents,Marine growth,self-weight) and General loads Regular (5 Kinds) and Irregular wave (PM, JONSWAP, Random Wave ) 3D Morison & 3D Linear Diffraction wave pressure (Shell & Solid element) Prestressing analysis of tendon in PS concrete Joint modeling: Rigid offset, Automatic calculation of SCF factor, Fatigue Analysis in Frequency and Time Domain Pile Foundation Analysis(p-y,t-z,Q-z) and Pile Super element Steel Code Check & Design Ship Collison to Steel and Concrete offshore structure
2.OpenFAST AutoCAD-embedded OpenFAST Graphic Preprocerssor with Multiple load case. Coupled Dynamic Analysis of OpenFAST turbine and X-SEA substructure Postprocessing the Fatigue analysis using GH-Bladed and OpenFAST output
3.Floating Offshore wind Floating structure and Mooring Line analysis, Coupled Dynamic analysis of OpenFAST, X-SEA substructure and Mooring analysis. Structural mesh generation of Floater and catenary cable

In order to purchase the commercial version of X-SEA AutoCAD, please download and use a trial version for 3 months and then send Prof. Ki-Du Kim ( a Memo including (Name, company, position, country and memo).